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Please see the table to help you with what to dress your baby in, under the Angel sleep sack. Please note this is a guideline only

If your baby is not comfortable with being swaddled, or they are at the age they are beginning to roll, then the Angel sleep sack is a great alternative. Unlike traditional swaddles, the Angel sleep sack lets baby have a bit more room for movement. The arms are uniquely designed to give baby a slightly restricted movement, just like in the womb. This helps them to self settle if they are woken by a startle reflex.They are also great for babies starting to roll, as the sleeves give them enough freedom of movement, to safely roll themselves back over. By the age of 3 months, most babies are ready to move on from being swaddled, this is where the Angel sleep sack helps with making a safe and smooth transition. Please see our latest blog:  When Is It Time To Stop Swaddling?

The startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, is characterized by an infant appearing startled and throwing her arms and legs outward as if she is falling. Nearly any stimulation can trigger the startle reflex in a baby. For example, a loud noise or the motion of being picked up or set down can trigger this reflex. Sometimes the reflex is set off as the baby drifts off to sleep. To read more about this and how Angel Sleep Sack's helps babies with the startle reflex, check out our blog:  How The Angel Sleep Sack Can Help Prevent The Startle Reflex

Newborn: We recommend this size for babies between the ages of NB to 3 months and recommended for babies weighing between 3.5 and 6.5kgs. The total length is 64cm.

Small: We recommend this size for babies between the ages of 3-6 months and recommended for babies weighing between 6.5 and 8.5kgs. The total length is 70cm.

Medium: We recommend this size for babies 6-12 months of age and recommended for babies weighing between 8.5 and 10.5kgs. The total length is 80cm.

Large:  We recommend this size for babies 12-30 months of age and recommended for babies weighing over 10kgs. The total length is 96cm.

-The Angel sleep sack lets baby have a little more room for movement, yet still giving a slight restriction to help settle themselves back to sleep.

-Unlike many other swaddles and sleep sacks that get soaked sleeves from babies chewing, the Angel sleep sack has a unique (Patent pending) design on the tips of the sleeves which help to prevent moisture from soaking through the whole sleeve and leaving baby uncomfortable and restless. The material is made out of a soft Bamboo textured fabric that helps to absorb moisture. Now your baby can self soothe by chewing on their hands without it soaking the sleeves.

-The sleeves are perfect for little rollers, as they give baby enough freedom of movement so they can safely roll back over.

-Angel sleep sacks are made out of Bamboo and organic cotton. Viscose Bamboo is a beautiful soft, silky material that is light weight, breathable and perfect for any season as it helps maintain babies normal body temperature. Bamboo is becoming very popular as it is a natural material and great for babies with allergies.

-The wide sack like bottom is great for helping to prevent hip dysplasia as it lets baby sleep with her legs in the natural frog-like position.