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Why Choose Angel Sleep Sacks?

Angel Sleep Sacks are designed and curated in New Zealand. Manufactured through fair trade overseas. We aim to create a product that keeps baby comfortable and as safe as possible while sleeping. A happy, sleeping baby, makes a very happy mum!

The Angel sleep sack lets baby have a little more room for movement than traditional swaddles, yet still gives a slight restriction in the arms to help babies with the startle reflex to settle themselves back to sleep. Perfectly safe for babies that are rolling, as the arms aren't completely restricted like traditional swaddles, so baby can roll back over safely.

Unlike many other swaddles and sleep sacks that get soaked sleeves from babies chewing, the Angel sleep sack has a unique (Patent pending) design on the tips of the sleeves which prevent moisture from soaking through and leaving baby uncomfortable and restless through the night. The fabric is made out of a soft, thick Bamboo textured fabric that helps to abosorb moisture. Now your baby can still get the comfort of self soothing by chewing on their hands without it soaking the sleeves.The wide sack like bottom is great for helping to prevent hip dysplasia as it lets baby sleep with their legs in the natural frog-like position.The double zip makes for easy nappy changes, without having to remove the entire sleep sack.

Why Bamboo?

Soft – bamboo is to cotton, what cashmere is to wool - an incredibly soft and luxurious feel. 

Antibacterial – bacteria does not survive well in this fabric, so it doesn't get smelly. Even after days (not counting any poo-explosions).

Sensitive - Bamboo fabric is perfect for allergy prone skin. Its anti-static, and sits well against babies skin.

Thermo control - bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfibre, yet is also breathable. Perfect for all temperatures.

What is INPAA?

Angel Sleep Sack's are an INPAA (Infants and Nursery Products Association) Baby safety approved product.

INPAA is a privately owned & operated organisation, is the key representative body in the Australian nursery industry. Its primary objective is to lead the development of safer nursery products & to promote the safe consumer use of products.

Now you can rest assured that your baby is sleeping SAFE and sound.